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The Dismal Science: A Novel

Even better, with the help of illustrator Dan E. Burr , Goodwin delivers that knowledge in the accessible format of the graphic novel.

The Dismal Science

Goodwin hits the books and goes back to the original sources of economic thought—Smith, Ricardo , Keynes , Marx , and friends. Goodwin arranges the book in a roughly chronological way, skipping forward or backwards in time only when necessary to make important connections. Goodwin writes in a clear, vibrant style. He gives you not just the basics, but also the forgotten or misremembered bits of economic history that muddle it for so many of us. Reagan - olatry takes a beating as Goodwin tears down the two central myths of Reaganomics small government and lower taxes in his characteristic logical, crystal clear, and unapologetic way.

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Goodwin wears his ideologically biased heart on his sleeve. The bent throughout Economix is liberal, but reality, Goodwin would agree, has a well-known liberal bias. A cartoon Goodwin guides you through the ages all the way up to today, so the human element never disappears in a sea of abstractions and cold calculations. All books on economics contain bias.

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Some hide it better than others. Goodwin embraces his. Not only does he embrace it, he challenges you to fact check it. In addition to nearly pages of illustrated, opinionated economics, Economix comes with a glossary, guide for further reading, and index rare exotic animals for a graphic novel as well as full references and notes online for the most rabid of naysayers.

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