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I wasn't sure I wanted to be an editor, but I fell right into it and haven't looked back since. I also think my job helps my family and friends sleep better at night. But I changed my mind at the very last minute and decided to pursue something with my first love - books. Now I can read about all the crimes I would have loved to solve in real life - I really feel like I have the best of both worlds.

What kinds of manuscripts do you acquire?

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I acquire pretty much straight across the crime spectrum - true crime, mysteries, commercial thrillers. I also acquire the rights to TV shows like Psych, Burn Notice, and Criminal Minds to name a few and then find authors to write original novels based on those programs.

Some editors hate sharks, others hate prologues-is there anything that's an automatic turn-off for you? I feel like I want to escape into my fiction - and both of those subjects hit a little too close to home.

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What makes for a great editorial relationship with an author? Though only 26, Wascom has the ambition of a more seasoned scribe. They preach, rob, steal, and kill, finding something spiritual in their deeds. Angel Woolsack narrates with assurance, mixing biblical cadences with a Southern lilt in a voice pulsating with violence, tension, and religious hysteria. The funeral of an old friend prompts Prager to recount the complex history he shared with the dead man going back to and involving radicals in the antiwar movement. This disturbing, engrossing psychological thriller will keep you up nights as the founder of a website that discusses philosophy lures a lonely young woman into a twisted scenario involving identity takeover via social media.

A wild and wicked debut novel. Along the way, Beckett finds his moral compass in this tale of class and crime. These two first-time picture-book creators have put together a story that all but embodies the pleasures of a summer day, following a large, close-knit family as it packs up the station wagon and heads out into the woods. For families hoping to spend less time in front of screens and more time in the great outdoors this summer, this is the book to get everyone in the mood. In this book, the Gaither sisters have returned to Brooklyn from their summer with their mother and the Black Panthers in California, as the tumultuous year of continues to bring upheaval into their lives.

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The isolated and rambling house they share once served people recovering from tuberculosis or alcoholism. Godwin knows how to deliver rich, textured tales. The Olympic Games of B. Solving the crime could avert a war between Athens and Sparta.

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This humorous comic book—style chapter book follows the burgeoning friendship between two not-so-similar ducks: the rather prim Theodora and her free-spirited, iconoclastic new neighbor, Chad. Equal parts silly and emotionally astute, the story shows a keen eye for the inherent ups and downs in finding common ground with someone from the other side of the pond. Summer means blockbuster action flicks, and Yancey offers the YA equivalent with this blistering take on the alien-invasion genre, in which survivors regroup after a multiple-stage assault on Earth. This summer, read short stories in your shorts.

The writer embraces wild variation while still creating linkages. Many of the stories take place inside physical vessels a Civil War—era submarine; a Russian ship bound for the North Pole; a futuristic tanker , but often the vessels of containment are psychological.

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Robust, engaging stories from a writer to watch. An assistant district attorney in New York City is determined to prosecute the crime, but faces a host of obstacles, including a sadistic killer. Screenwriter and playwright Rudnick makes a hilarious and meaningful YA debut with a contemporary, fashion-forward twist on the classic fairy tales of yore.

In lieu of three wishes, year-old Becky Randle receives three couture gowns as she makes a magical and rocky transition from life in a Missouri trailer park to becoming the most beautiful woman in the world. The talents of bestselling sisters Jackson and Bush are on full display in this romantic thriller with a supernatural twist. Ghosts both help and hinder murder investigations in the Oregon mountains, complicated by surrogate pregnancy and an unusual love triangle. This is one to read with all the lights on.

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One day on a Shanghai road, the unnamed narrator and a beautiful young Chinese woman, Mei, collide while riding bikes. I'm to see if the camp's leader, Irion Tal has any work for me to perform there. Walk to Moon Camp and talk to Irion. Irion is too distraught at the recent departure of his co-leader also wife , Maire Ganan , to bother with my assignment for now.

The patriarch, Ebsol , is a social man. You will have to take the ring from him away from prying eyes. The Chalice of Forced Vintage is said to take any liquid poured into it and transform it into fine wine. It is currently in possession of a peddler named Veinrich , in Rathir's Seafoam Tavern. Relieve it of him. The Cowl of the Maiden is a ceremonial cowl belonging to the Temple of Lyria.