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Suggested resources for Professor Katherine Sender's fall course. Helpful for those studying television, new media, digital media, and looking for both primary sources as well as secondary literature on these topics. Resources on television studies Use the resources below to find books, articles and other materials on television studies.

Reference sources and background info Sage Handbook of Television Studies. Sage Video: Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Find video resources lectures, documentaries and tutorials on communication and media studies topics, such as television studies, audience reception, textual analysis, convergence, etc. Blackwell Companion to Television Collection of 31 original essays that charter the field of television studies over the past century.

Introduction to Television Studies by Bignell Find articles Communication and Mass Media Complete Provides coverage of more than journals in the communication and mass media fields, including full-text for more than journals. Coverage for significant titles in the field goes back to their very first issue as far back as Access restricted to current UM students, faculty and staff. ProQuest Research Library Indexes over 2, journals and magazines covering all fields and topics, academic and popular, beginning as early as Access limited to current UM students, faculty and staff.

MLA International Bibliography Subject index for books and articles published on modern languages, literatures, folklore, and linguistics. Other topics include literary theory and criticism, dramatic arts film, radio, television, theater , and history of printing and publishing. Especially useful for interdisciplinary subject areas.

Logics of television: essays in cultural criticism.

Just as cultures of fandom are derogatorily viewed as immature or even childish, many of the key texts in popular cultures of fandom are marked by a peculiarly chaste or even puritanical approach to nudity and sexuality. A key aspect of the transformation of the fantasy genre orchestrated by Game of Thrones is therefore its deliberate appeal to an explicitly upscale and crucially adult audience, which was accomplished primarily through the established aesthetic paradigms of Quality TV.

As the series has developed throughout its first four seasons, it has in fact adapted the most violent and controversial moments from the novels by making them even more extreme than the already somewhat notorious source texts Caldwell John T. McCabe and K. Akass eds.

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Taurus, , p. Edgerton Gary R. Feuer, P.

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Kerr and T. Vahimagi eds. Frankel Valerie E. Nelson and L.

Logics of Television

Grossberg eds. Jaramillo Deborah L. Leverette, B. Ott and C.

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  • Logics of television: essays in cultural criticism.
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Buckley eds. Pearson Roberta E.

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Wolf Mark J. Edgerton and Jeffrey P. Taurus, , [p. Pearson, op. Characters from even further south in the seven kingdoms, such as those from the kingdom of Dorne, speak English with vaguely mediterranean-sounding accents, and have cast actors like the Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal and the Indian-Swiss actress Indira Varma. Dan Hassler-Forest currently works as an assistant professor of film and literature based in the English department of the University of Amsterdam, and is a frequent public lecturer on contemporary film, adaptation theory, animation and digital cinema, urban studies, and theoretical approaches to popular culture.