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He organized a model crisis intervention disaster response for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and organized and supervised the psychological services offered following two major airline disasters: Northwest Flight in Detroit, Michigan, and Aloha Airlines on Maui.

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He has published 55 books and more than articles in the fields of abnormal psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and personality assessment. Jill M.

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Hooley is a professor of psychology at Harvard University. She is also the head of the experimental psychopathology and clinical psychology program at Harvard.

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Hooley was born in England and received a B. This was followed by research work at Cambridge University. She then attended Magdalen College, Oxford, where she completed her D. Hooley took a position at Harvard, where she has been a faculty member since Hooley has a long-standing interest in psychosocial predictors of psychiatric relapse in patients with severe psychopathology such as schizophrenia and depression.

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She is currently using fMRI to study emotion regulation in people who are vulnerable to depression and in people who are suffering from borderline personality disorder. Look at the class reaction tables to see if a reaction is attested for all drugs in that class, for a majority, or is specific to one or two. The class reaction tables show that this reaction has not been attested for fluvastatin, lovastatin, pitavastatin or rosuvastatin so those could be considered as substitutes. EXAMPLE: If the same patient had presented with pruritus, the tables show that this has been attested for a majority of drugs in the class, suggesting that this may be a class reaction.

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However there are no reports for fluvastatin or pitavastatin, so one of these may be the most suitable alternative. The current edition of this classic text features in addition tables of reactions caused by classes of drugs, and shows at a glance whether a reaction is attested for all drugs in a class, for a majority of them, for a significant minority of them, or not at all.

Applied Pharmacology 6, Adverse drug reactions

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