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This webinar summarised research on the efficacy of couple therapy and relationship education, and discussed the implications for practice. CFCA offers a free research and information helpdesk for child, family and community welfare practitioners, service providers, researchers and policy makers through the CFCA News. Author guidelines for writing short articles for CFCA.

Google Tag Manager. Relationship standards and communication in intercultural couples: Implications for couple education and counselling Relationship standards and communication in intercultural couples: Implications for couple education and counselling. Comments I think that this is an interesting article but a bit simplistic in that it assumes culture is the root of all differences, to the exclusion of other factors such as education and socio-economic status.

I am speaking of the experiences of some-one from a liberal, education middle-class Indian background married to some-one from a more conservative working class Dutch background. The way we resolved this was to ignore my in-laws expectations of women regarding education, participating in the paid workplace and gender division of housework.

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Not all Western cultures are equally individualistic, Southern European cultures like Italy, Greece and Spain also have a strong collectivistic ethos. So which Western cultures are referred to in the article? Dear Indrani, You raise a couple of important points about the content of our article. First, you note there can be an influence of education and socio-economic background on relationship standards.

I think you are correct, and if our article somehow gave the impression that we thought culture was the only relevant influence on relationship standards, that was not our intention.

A Cultural Guide to Communicating with Your Chinese Colleagues.

There are lots of influences. For example, we know how our parents relate when we are growing up has a major influence on our beliefs and expectations about relationships, as can our own dating experiences. So culture is just one of many influences. You also make the point that Western cultures are quite diverse, with some more individualistic than others. We agree. We would add that Chinese culture is also diverse; anyone who has sampled the cuisine and customs of Northern China and then travelled to Southern China can describe how customs, food and language change within that vast country.

In our research we found the differences both with Chinese and Western cultures, and between those broad cultural groupings, were of interest. Kim Halford. Add a comment Your name or pseudonym required. E-mail required The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Dan W. Vernon Trafford.

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Sandra J. Practice Teaching. Jack C. Donald Kiraly. The Active Interview. Jaber F. Professor David Nunan. Communication Studies. Dr Sky Marsen. The Ecology and Semiotics of Language Learning. Leo van Lier. The Modernization of Foreign Language Education. While the hypothesis hasn't been rejected or confirmed yet, employers could take into account that language and culture are inextricably linked. Therefore, diversity training should first and foremost help members of the organization better understand the worldview of others and introduce differences in communication styles. After all, training employees to be better intercultural communicators will be a key success factor for businesses in the future. Andrea S.