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Alfred Hitchcock

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Browse our education events. Use film and TV in my classroom. Read research data and market intelligence. One of the world's greatest directors, Alfred Hitchcock excelled in a variety of genres during his early British career, before moving to Hollywood in It was here he became known as the 'Master of Suspense', producing some of the most analysed works in the history of cinema.

A housekeeper tries to find a suitable wife for a widowed landowner in a rare venture by Alfred Hitchcock into romantic comedy. A woman kills a man in self-defence but falls victim to a blackmailer in Alfred Hitchcock's thriller, made in both silent and sound versions. Alfred Hitchcock directs the fizzy tale of a millionaire who pretends to lose his fortune to teach his wayward daughter a lesson. His facility in that field in helped land him a spot designing title cards which silent films required for the American film company Famous Players—Lasky, which had opened a British branch in Islington.

When Famous Players closed down its British branch in , he stayed on at Islington.

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He worked on films for independent producers and came to assume more responsibility, working as an art director, production designer, editor, assistant director, and writer. Peabody ; also called Number 13 , which was not completed, for lack of funding. His first released film was Always Tell Your Wife , which he codirected with its star Seymour Hicks, but he did not receive credit.

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Solo credit did not come for another two years, with the melodrama The Pleasure Garden That was followed by The Mountain Eagle , a drama set in the Kentucky mountains. Adapted from a popular novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes , the suspenseful story introduces the structure of many Hitchcock films to come: a London man Ivor Novello is accused of being a Jack the Ripper -like killer and finds it nearly impossible to prove his innocence.

Psycho's Shower Scene: How Hitchcock Upped the Terror—and Fooled the Censors

The film became his first hit and also was the first film in which he made his trademark cameo appearance. In Hitchcock married his film editor and script supervisor, Alma Reville. The following year he made the melodrama Downhill , Easy Virtue from a Noel Coward play , and the boxing drama The Ring , which was a critical success. Polish actress Anny Ondra who had starred in The Manxman played a would-be model who stabs an artist when he tries to assault her.

Shot simultaneously in a German-language version Mary , , it stars Herbert Marshall as Sir John Menier, a gentleman knight and famed actor who turns amateur sleuth in order to save from the gallows an actress who has been convicted of murder. Though light in tone, the film is distinguished by its dramatic camera work, colourful theatrical setting, and groundbreaking use of voice-over narration. I've never tasted it. Known for the complex title sequences in his own films, Hitchcock began his career in cinema in the early s, designing the art title cards featured in silent films.

The gig was at an American company based in London called the Famous Players-Lasky Company it would later become Paramount Pictures , which produced five Hitchcock-directed films. And, out of that, I learned the writing of scripts. While working in Neubabelsberg, Hitchcock was taken under the wing of expressionist filmmaker F. Murnau, who created the chilling Dracula adaptation Nosferatu , and was shooting a silent film called The Last Laugh. The film reels were originally donated to the Archive in by the grandson of a Kiwi projectionist and collector.

The first full-length talkie, The Jazz Singer, was released in the U.

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While Blackmail was originally conceived and created as a silent film, the final cut was dubbed with synchronized sound added in post-production using then-state of the art audio equipment imported from the U. That replaced a scrapped cameo of the director exiting a cab in the opening of the film.

By , Hitchcock was a household name.

The Trouble with Harry(1955)-Alfred Hitchcock

That was the same year his long-running anthology TV series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents— which began in and was later renamed The Alfred Hitchcock Hour after episode lengths were stretched from to minute runtimes—came to an end. The series was known for its title sequence featuring a caricature of Hitchcock's distinctive profile, which was replaced by Hitchcock himself in silhouette.


But Hitchcock also appeared after the title sequence to introduce each new story. This is not necessarily an advantage and it can so easily be merely dull. But the film Hitchcock collaborated on about the explicit horrors of the war would go unseen for decades. Memory of the Camps , a documentary filmed by crews who accompanied the Allied armies that liberated those in the Nazi death camps at the end of the war, was stored in a vault in the Imperial War Museum in London until But the final film was scrapped because it was deemed counterproductive to German postwar reconstruction.